Meet the Authors

Hadley Rille Books is proud to bring you original works by new and established authors from all over the world. Our critically acclaimed authors are passionate about their craft. To visit an author’s website, just click on their photo. We know they’ll be delighted to hear from you!

Z. S. Adani
The Last Outpost

Jenny Blackford
The Priestess and the Slave

Julia Dvorin
Ice Will Reveal

M. C. Chambers
Shaper’s Veil


Terri-Lynne DeFino
A Time Never Lived
Beyond the Gate

Cate Gardner
Theatre of Curious Acts


Harriet Goodchild
After the Ruin


Shirley Gratz
She Wrote on Clay

Vanessa MacLellan
Three Great Lies

Heather McDougal
Songs for a Machine Age

Chris Gerrib
Pirates of Mars

Eric Griffith
Beta Test

Stephen Graham King
Chasing Cold

Gerri Leen
Life without Crows

Christopher McKitterick

Melissa Mikelsen

Shauna Roberts
Like Mayflies in a Stream

Mark Nelson
Poets of Pevana
King’s Gambit

Lawrence M. Schoen
Buffalito Contingency


Irene Soldatos
Bad Bishop

Kimberly Todd Wade

K. L. Townsend
Song of the Swallow


Louise Turner
Fire and Sword


Kim Vandervort
Song and the Sorceress
The Northern Queen

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